Sea of Shit / Water Torture 7"

by Sea of Shit



Recorded/mixed by Niko Zaglaras in May 2011. Mastered by John Angelo. Released as a 7" on Diseased Audio.


released November 23, 2012

Gutierrez, Komen, Serrano, Snader



all rights reserved
Track Name: Black and Blue
you wear the mark of your oppressor.
you wear the mark of his disease.
they will never know if you don't fucking tell.
behind these walls he's in control.
Track Name: Null
old and broken, alone in death.
squandered youth filled with regret.
regardless of the life you've lived you'll always be a failure.
stuck in a sad state of mind.
memories skewed over time.
time is up.
there's no fucking turning back.
reflections of a past that you never had.
Track Name: Locked Inside
fallacies become truths.
misconstrued to the point of conviction.
(mind; locked inside. solitary confinement.)
lines become blurred...
(you hate what you've become. mind; locked inside.) you second guess your own assurance.
you have no control.
save yourself.